Marghi and Jenna, first off thank you for the opportunity to bid a creative media project for Addison Bay. The opportunity to create with you and create a lifestyle piece to help clients learn more about AB is incredible. Marghi, congratulations on your new endeavor and we hope to be able to take it to the next level with you.

Goal: Our goal is to create high key looking and feeling creative content to propel AB and inform the AB Girl about Marghi and what AB is about. We start with establishing the location (Philly) and dive in to what AB is about.

Services Provided: The services to be provided is a One (1) day video shoot with accompanying photography.

One (1) Minute Video - Marghi’s Interview / Supporting B-Roll / Pre-Production to be completed by Jenna + Marghi
(8) - 10 Second Social Clips
One Logo Animation of the AB Logo - Simplistic Reveal of the AB and Circle
IV. Edited Photos from the Shoot (Amount are to be determind)
V. Raw Drive with Files

Crew for One Day Shoot (10 Hours)
Our goal is to run with a very minimal camera / crew setup in order to move quickly and obtain a variety of footage.
1. Director -
Christopher Aumen (www.aumenfilm.co)
II. Director of Photography -
Mathew Stambaugh (www.mathewstambaugh.com)
III. Assistant Photographer / Filmmaker -
Andrew Baer

Our inspiration is pulled from a variety of different lifestyle pieces. Camera movement would be handheld to minimize footprint around the city, but also introduce an organic movement that will involve the viewer to feel as if they were there. We would like to incorporate a mix between RED 5k Footage along with Super 8 / Super 16mm Film.
We would incorporate one interview with Marghi for the content. We would most likely be setting up a few lights for this. Our goal is to make Marghi feel as comfortable as possible. Through our experience filming weddings, one of our main goals is to relate to our client and make it fun.

Most other locations probably wouldn’t have any lighting involved unless necessary. When thinking locations, natural light will be our best friend if possible. The first two examples (1 is a frame from a video, and 1 is video) are from the same location on two separate projects. We are able to achieve different looks in a variety of locations. Our priority for AB is to head towards brighter highlights while maintaining a soft contrast on our subject (Marghi).


Not our work below, however the feel / vibe / camera movement is applicable.



Pre-Production - $0
To be completed by Jenna + Marghi. Matt will be available for phone calls / facetime meetings

Production Day - $2,800.00
Includes up to 10 hours on Site
Crew of Three: Christopher, Mathew and Andrew
Gear Included: Red Digital Cinema 5k Camera, Lenses, Audio, minimal lighting setup, 8mm or 16mm film
Post Production - $1,000.00
Post Production to be fully completed by Andrew Baer. You would be in direct contact with Andrew to complete the project. Matt will be available if necessary.
Includes Drafts of Deliverable I, II, III.
We are including a total of 20 hours in our Post-Production. If we exceed over 20 hours due to revisions, there would be an hourly charge of $60/hr.

Production Schedule Example If we were to shoot April 1, 2019.

April 1, 2019: Production Day
April 15, 2019: Deliverable I,II,III provided to client
April 17, 2019: Revisions provided by client (if any)
April 22-26th, 2019: Revisions Completed if necessary
April 29-May 3, 2019: Final Assets Delivered
Total: $3,800.00