Stew, Sam and Linda, Thank you for your time and the opportunity to create and collaborate with NXTconcepts and SkiPa. Through our creative process, we want to not only create a visual and compelling product, but also serve and collaborate with you in creating projects that are effective. With over 10 years experience in the ski industry, I worked my way up at Roundtop Mountain Resort from Park Crew to Marketing and Event Coordinator and then to Park Manager. Inspiring growth in the ski industry is a passion of mine and I hope to share that with you and the rest of Pennsylvania. From long overnight park sets to running events that brought in 3k+ guests and working with brands such as Ski The East and Under Armour while at Roundtop, I want to bring the same passion to this project. This also includes understanding that resort safety and equipment safety is a must as we may be working around groomers, lifts and guests.
We are based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Goal: Our goal is to concept with NXTconcepts and SkiPA (PSAA), to create more awareness of ski resort lifestyle in PA, the 4th and 5th grade SnowPass and that learning to ski at any age can be done. We also want to work on obtaining a library of footage for SkiPA for use in the future. Snowmaking, Tubing, Resort lifestyle are other additions that could be added!

To create an effective video series, we want to make sure we portray that PA is THE place to ski and ride, mountains are fun and close to home and you can learn to ski and ride at any age. We not only want to capture incredible imagery around the mountains, but also spark and create emotion as to WHY skiing in Pennsylvania is great.

Services Provided: Discovery / Creative + Schedule Management + Cinematography + Editing

Proposed Deliverable’s (Examples)
I. 4th and 5th grade Snow Program
*Final Product would include a 15,30 and 60 second cut
II. Learning to Ski, Any Age!
*Final Product would include a 15,30 and 60 second cut

III. PA Resort Lifestyle
*Final Product would include a 15,30 and 60 second cut
Our Crew
1. Director / DP - Mathew Stambaugh
II. 2nd Camera / AC - Andrew Baer
III. Production Assistant - TBD
IV. Lead Editor - Andrew Baer

To create the finished product, planning and pre-production is the most important part of the project. Through pre-production, Matt and Andrew will collaborate with you (NXTconcepts and SkiPA) thru meetings, phone calls and emails to hone in on the project scope, and develop the end goal of each series. Dialing in how and what we want the videos to accomplish is an essential part in creative effective media!

Before we even start production, we will have dialed in the narrative, creative and scope for the project, script and game plan, along with a shooting schedule for each location. Once we start filming, the we know what we are filming and what we are filming for! This helps alleviate unexpected costs on the back end.

Essentially getting the start in filmmaking due to skiing, I’ve always tailored geared towards the highest end of video production that would make filming skiing easier! With that said, the project would be filmed in 4-5k Resolution on Red Digital Cinema Camera with a final finish of 4k Resolution if necessary. Using cameras that can capture high dynamic range help with the varying light and brightness of snow. Along with that, skiing footage is kept stable by a Freefly Movi Pro gimbal with a battery upgrade to withstand colder temperatures. We provide wireless feeds so clients can see what is being captured while we are doing so.

We use a variety of lenses to create different looks and feels for what we are trying to achieve. In terms of lighting, we will plan filming certain activities in conjunction with what the sun’s path is. If we are able to use lights based on time or the scene, we will. Any interior shots we will use lighting fixtures to motivate and create a more cohesive lighting structure across the films.

We use some of the best gear, so we need to worry less about the gear and more about the content and story.
Data management: We make sure to back up the footage after each shoot, not only to our working hard drive but to a backup drive and the cloud. We maintain three copies of the footage through the project end. We also provide two hard drives of the footage to client as well.

In terms of inspiration for the project, our visual goal is to bring liveliness to each resort and show fun, all while working towards the final goal. We want to film the resorts in a white label fashion. We want to show the sport of skiing, the lifestyle of resorts, the kids, the adults, the fun, not the signage.
The work below are examples of inspirational pieces during discovery

Project Scope

Pre-Production / Discovery / Ideation - $5,150.00
Strategy, Creative, Planning and Location Scouting (includes 2.5 days location scouting)

Production - $14,500
Includes up to 10 hours on-site at each resort (6 scheduled resorts + 1 Day at Roundtop Mountain Resort)
Minimum Crew of Three
Mathew Stambaugh, Andrew Baer and a Production Assistant as base crew
Gear and travel included
Post Production - $4,100
Post-Production along with music licensing and rights.
Includes a 15,30,60 for deliverable I,II, III
Includes Logo animation of SkiPA to be used across all branded video content
Includes 2 rounds of revisions for each deliverable video
Music licensing is included from Artlist.io
Editing Schedule to be determined with NXTconcepts and SkiPA

Creating a video campaign / production is similar to building a house. There are so many different directions projects can move towards in scope and size.
We propose a total project cost of $27,100.
This allows for flexibility within the project and minor changes in scope of the project, like the additional of a Drone operator for one of the shoots, or additional creative. If the project renders additional services to meet NXTconcepts and SkiPa’s final goal and deliverable outside of the scope, the overall price may change, but must be approved by NXTconcepts and SkiPA.
Total Project Cost includes travel and expenses

Proposed Schedule is the wrap shooting by February 14th, 2020.
Payment plan is dependent on SkiPA’s payment structure. Typically we require 1/3 to move forward, 1/3 mid-way through production and 1/3 upon delivery.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to creating and serving with you.

Matt Stambaugh
Harrisburg, PA