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Hillary, Laura and Sharon, I first want to say thank you for the opportunity meet with you and talk more about creating your first video! It is such an honor to be considered and have our initial meeting. I hope through the pitch below, we can have the opportunity to work, create and collaborate with you!

Goal: Our goal is to create a film / video that will help increase the knowledge of how the Hershey Public Library, The Friends of the Hershey Public Library and The Endowment Trust work together as three essential prongs to establish community and give for future generations. Through pre-production, we would collaborate to develop a plan to build a call to action by the end of the video.

Services Provided: Creative + Cinematography + Editing

I. One Video ranging from 90-120 seconds
After thought, the proposed creative is to head more in an informational approach to provide the public with a better understanding of how the three prongs assist with one another. We would work with all parties to develop a structured plan of how best to choose those who would drive the scripted narrative of the film. We would use interviews to drive the movement.
Through the narrative, we would establish the necessary supporting video opportunities that would be fitting for the film.
From this, we would be able to create a Production schedule.
A goal of ours is to provide you with a highly produced film so that viewers immediately know the quality and are captivated.

Our Crew
1. Director -
Christopher Aumen
II. Director of Photography / Project Lead -
Mathew Stambaugh
III. Gaffer -
Andrew Baer
IV. Grip / Assitant

To create the finished product, planning and pre-production is the most important part of the project. Through pre-production, Christopher Aumen and I (Mathew Stambaugh) will work with you (Hershey Public Library, Friends of Hershey Public Library and The Endowment Trust) to develop the project scope, and final end goal to appropriately match within the approved budget.
Before we even start production, we will have dialed in the narrative for the project, script and game plan. Once we start filming, the edit is already completed in terms of the planning process! This helps alleviate editing costs on the back end.

In terms of inspiration for the project, our visual goal is to bring liveliness to the library as the main location. The Library already looks fantastic which is a great start!! We want it to feel inviting however provide contrast to bring the viewers eyes to the subject. Through light and color, we are able to visually shift viewers feel one way or another. Warm colors and tones will immediately provide viewers with calming and inviting feeling.
When thinking locations, we want to be assured that we can create a bright and airy looking location so it leaves the viewing with bright image of The Hershey Public Library.
These are exemplified by a replicated sun.
Frames below are pulled from online as inspiration for look and feel.


Initial Quote

Pre-Production - $1025.00
Creative, Planning and Location Scout
This includes a location scout and on site pre-production meeting (up to 4 hours). This also includes back end project management on our end.

Each Production Day - $3,200.00 - We are also able to complete work on half-day rates as well, which may be better suited for this project. Depending on the final scope, this number is subject to change and would be approved by client.
Includes up to 10 hours on Site
Crew of Four // Director, DP, Gaffer and Grip
Post Production - $1,200.00
We are including a total of 16 hours in our Post-Production. If we exceed over 16 hours due to revisions, there would be an hourly charge of $60/hr. However due to the planning we don’t expect there to be revisions over 16 hours of work.
Music licensing is included from Artlist.io

Production Schedule Example If we were to shoot June 17, 2019.

June 17, 2019: Production Day
July 5, 2019: Deliverable I provided to client
July 12, 2019: Revisions provided by client (if any)
July 15-26, 2019: Revisions Completed if necessary
August 1, 2019, 2019: Final Assets Delivered
Total including pre-production, one full production day and editing: $5,425.00.
We do believe this project would be a minimum of two production days, or three half days, which will increase the total. Final total would range between $5,425 and $7,900.00 based on the proposed project.
Quote can change based on scope needed to complete the project.