Rough Cut of new spot for DE based Farm and Ranch Store


Mr. Hornung, being a Linglestown resident for over 25 years, I’ve loved to not only grow the town, but also businesses who are doing well not only in being successful but also there for the community.

A few weeks ago in May, I walked in to the store to purchase something and when I was about ready to check out you welcomed me in to your employee prayer in the morning. I cannot tell you what that meant, especially as a business. It was very welcomed and needed, so thank you.

I would love to have the opportunity to pitch an updated 2019/2020 15 and 30 second commercial for Hornungs Hardware in Linglestown, PA.
I did a little research and the last ad I was able to find was 2013. With that being said, we would love the opportunity to create an updated ad for Hornungs Hardware and also create an implementation plan for the success of the advertisement!

: Our goal would be to create a comedic ad based on “We Speak Doohickey”. Similar to the video at the time for a DE based Farm and Ranch store that we helped create (It’s just the visuals), we would love to implement a spot that not only looks beautiful but also has a little comedy built in. From there, we would not only work through the creative with you, but produce the video along with provide marketing and implementation services to create more views and impressions on the video!

Services Provided: Creative + Schedule Management + Cinematography + Editing + Implementation

Proposed Deliverable’s (Examples)
I. 15 Second Ad
II. 30 Second Ad
*Final Product would include a 15,30 and 60 second cut
Our Crew
1. Director / DP - Mathew Stambaugh
II. Camera / AC - Andrew Baer
III. Grip - TBD
IV. Grip - TBD

To create the finished product, planning and pre-production is the most important part of the project. Through pre-production, Matt and Andrew will collaborate with Hornung’s Hardware thru meetings, and emails to hone in on the project scope, and develop the end goal of each series. Dialing in how and what we want the videos to accomplish is an essential part in creative effective media!

Before we even start production, we will have dialed in the narrative, creative and scope for the project, script and game plan, along with a shooting schedule. Once we start filming, the we know what we are filming and what we are filming for! This helps alleviate unexpected costs on the back end.

We use some of the best gear, so we need to worry less about the gear and more about the content and story.
Data management: We make sure to back up the footage after each shoot, not only to our working hard drive but to a backup drive and the cloud. We maintain three copies of the footage through the project end. We also provide two hard drives of the footage to client as well.

In terms of inspiration for the project, our visual goal is to bring a light and bright feel to Hornungs Hardware, along with a family atmosphere. We want to show thru acting and visuals that Hornung’s has it all and you speak “DooHickey, whatchamagit’s, thingamabob’s”

The work below are examples of inspirational pieces during discovery

Project Scope

Pre-Production / Discovery / Ideation - $1,300.00
Strategy, Creative, Planning and Location Scouting (includes 2.5 days location scouting)
Talent / Makeup - $1,900
Production - $3,100
Includes up to 10 hours on-site, one shoot day
Post Production - $1,100
Post-Production along with music licensing and rights.
Includes a 15,30 second deliverable
Includes Logo animation of Hornung’s Hardware to be used across all branded video content
Includes 2 rounds of revisions for each deliverable video
Music licensing is included from Artlist.io
Marketing / Implementation -

Creating a video campaign / production is similar to building a house. There are so many different directions projects can move towards in scope and size. Creating a campaign with Hornung’s would be a fun way to drive new and existing clients back again and again

We propose a total cost of : $$$$$

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to creating and serving with you.